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The Full Canadian Scholarship (FCS) is an established scholarship that believes the brightest minds should have access to the best opportunities. This is why we are one of the very few Canadian scholarship program offering fully funded scholarships, irrespective of who you are or where you come from. We believe our scholars should be free to focus on achieving their professional goals and maximizing this experience of a lifetime, so we cover your flight to the university, accommodation and course fees for the entirety of the program.

Originated by the AvranceCorp Foundation, the FCS has always been committed to excellence and innovation. It is AvranceCorp Foundation’s vision to see creative, world leaders developed and equipped with the tools they need to succeed.

We eliminate the barriers to entry that stand between intelligent students and their accessibility to quality education and employment. We recognize that talent can come from any corner of the globe, so we’re committed to removing barriers so individuals can access world class education. 


AvranceCorp Foundation’s objectives

AvranceCorp Foundation is a Not-for-profit organization, sponsored by AvranceCorp Developements, a real estate development firm in Toronto, ON. The mission of the FCS program is to eliminate financial obstacles for international students all across the world, from accessing higher quality education in Canada, so they could achieve their full potential.

AvranceCorp Foundation is in partnership with various companies both in the Public and Private sectors. These companies contribute a great deal of financial support to fund the scholarship program. FCS grants awards to individuals with outstanding leadership and influencing skills from around the world, to enable them to experience a period of study in Canada. The program supports awardees from more than 160 countries and territories.

The FCS program pilot program first launched in 2015 but could not fully launch the program due to technological challenges. These challenges are now resolved. FCS program has developed into a prestigious and highly competitive international awards program.

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