Scholarship Timeline

June 2023
  • Application opens for January 2024/2025 semester
August 2023
  • Application closes  for January 2024/2025 semester
October 2023
  • Selected students are announced. Scholars are contacted and issued an official acceptance offer. These offers are sent to the scholar’s chosen college or university. 
November 2023
  • FCS sends the Scholarship Award Letter (SAL) to the Canadian High Commission in the scholar’s country of residence.

Once you receive your award letter you should:

    • Send a copy of your SAL to your university so that they can issue your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) to you. If your university sent you a CAS before you received your SAL, you should still send them a copy of the SAL so that they can update their records.

    • Apply for your visa to study in Canada; you need a CAS and SAL before you can start the visa application process. More information on how to do this can be found on our visa application page. Start looking for and/or confirm your accommodation choices in Canada. Your college/university will have lots of information on the different accommodation options available nearby. Please note that it is a scholar’s responsibility to apply for the visa – neither AvranceCorp Foundation nor your high commission or embassy will be able to assist with this and the application must be completed by the scholar.

    • Follow the Secretariat’s instructions on how to book your flight to Canada, which will be done through our dedicated travel agent. Information about this process will be sent later in the summer.

    • Attend a pre-departure briefing event in your home country. Details of this will be provided to you by your embassy or high commission. You are likely to receive your cash card at this event.

    • Join the closed FCS Facebook group and connect with your FCS fellow appointed candidates! Details of how to join the group will be shared later in the summer.

Please be aware that:

    • The office is extremely busy between June and August and is open from Monday and Friday, between 09:00 and 17:00 (EST).

    • You can normally expect a reply to an email within three working days (this does not include weekends).

    • You should send your documents in separate files and in PDF file format, with all necessary pages, so that we are able to process them quickly.

    • You must always include your FCS ID when emailing your program officer